Frost 'n' fun siberians - for Show and Snow !!

29.09.08 Gibson x Spec puppies - only a few days to go >>

30.08.08 Just returned from another great trip to Sweden. Went to celebrate a birthday - and to use the cold mornings to startup the dog training... "Photo-diary" updated >>
updated 21.09.08

01.08.08 Hopefully Frost ’n’ fun Heartbreaker 'Gibson' x Petruschkas Spectre are having puppies in about 63. days :-) Pedigrees on 'Our dogs'. Both Gibson and Spec have proved them self through their great blood lines and through international competitions, both leaddogs. We have high expectations for this litter to be born first of October 2008.

22.07.08 Fox is now the proud father of two more beautiful 'kids' >>
10.07.08 Short trip to Sweden - "Photo-diary" updated >>

03.07.08 A Danish professor, Hans Eiberg from the Faculty of Health Sciences Copenhagen broke the eye-color-genetic-code in human beings. Half a year ago the world press wrote about his latest results. He found the formula that proves blue eyed people have one, common ancestor who lived between 6.000 and 10.000 years ago. One single genetic mutation is responsible for all the blue eyed people alive today. The professor wants to take his research to other species, and found a big enough dog-family with blue-eye-genes at our kennel. Our vet and the professor took blood from Fox-Tosca and 11 'pups'.
Stay tuned... the genetic research results will be published here!!

01.07.08 Things are going a little too fast now :-( Had to take Viljar to the vet. today, and he recommended not to continue treatment, but give him peace instead. Viljar was 13 years old.
We were lucky to have the whole V-litter from kennel Jarvik. They were all three unique and fantastic (lead)dogs. Vega,Vanja and Viljar are the main reason why we are going the way we are today in 'the sleddog business'.

24.06.08 Bought a new car for the dogs. More luxury - and a bit bigger >>

19.05.08 Got the official results from The Danish Kennel Club.
Gibson and Spec have A hips (=Excellent).
06.05.08 Sad news. Sweet old Vega died this evening of a heart attack. Thank you Kaare Mortensen - Worlds best vet.! - for 'turning out' on your off duty night. Vega was 13 years old.

01.05.08 Comments and results updated on the racing dogs - and Tana, Takhini and Spec now have their own page at Our dogs

29.04.08 Gibson, Spec and Fox had their eyes checked... All CLEAR :-)

26.04.08 Lennart Edfors gave 1st prize to Spec & Gibson in Vaggeryd >>

04.04.08 Swedish Siberian Husky CUP 2008 is
This competition is based on the championships of the season, including the WSA World Championship!! About 250 entrants total, 53 in the 4 dogs class... one more SILVER medal for us - Michael and our team finished #2
30.03.08 Team presentation updated at Our kennel

15.03.08 Link collection - articles, photos, video etc. from WC 2008 >>

10.03.08 Swedish Siberian Husky CUP 2008: Hopefully we will take a medal in this competition, too :-) still waiting for final results…

09.03.08 World Championship (final heat): We are very proud to be among the Top10 World-class teams!!
Our goal at this - our first WC was “not last in the best half”. Could have been a bit more optimistic. With a great third heat, we were not only BEST DANISH TEAM team (next Danish team finished 22) …but also number 7 WORLD-WIDE!!

The race was very well organized - and the tracks were, as always in Åsarna, very well worked up/marked. Our only accusation would be... the weather :-) It has not been the best for sled dog racing over the three days. Plus degrees made the snow on the track soft and wet – exhausting for the dogs. Today we started out with rain - and at the end of the race we had plus 6 degrees and sun! The 4 dogs class at this World Championship was huge… 43 entrants (39 of them finished all three days).
The best teams are very impressive …first class dogs and drivers!! >>

Our dogs worked hard for three days. We didn’t have any problems at all passing other teams, or anything else, on the track. They had the mentality to compete in the Worlds biggest Polar sled dog race; among thousands of visitors, thousands of other dogs, flags, speakers, television/press, loud music etc. >>
BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD, and now #7 WORLD CHAMP ...Great winter for us. Already planning - and looking forward to next season.

THANK YOU to sponsors, our understanding family and workplaces - and to everybody else who made this possible.
08.03.08 World Championship (heat 2) - We didn’t perform quite as well today, but we managed to keep our position as #8 and... without a doubt: Best Danish team so far!!
07.03.08 World Championship (heat 1) - Number 8 (of 43 entrants in the class) after first heat …only 4 seconds to #7, but 1:19 to #3 – Damn they are fast :-) The fasted team is from Poland, and finished: 21:40. Anyway… our four dogs did great, #8 of 43... we are very satisfied! Two more days to go >>

During a quite long period of our snow-training in Sweden two of our dogs have been a little ‘on/off’ with different kind of weaknesses – They did okay, but didn’t perform quite as well as the rest of the dogs. Before the WC check-in yesterday, we therefore finally decided not to compete in the 6-dogs class – only in the 4-dogs class.
28.02.08 The Swedish Siberian Husky Cup of this season is now updated. Michael and our 4-dog-team is number two …only 2 points to number one!! WC 2008 is the last competition counted in the Cup.

27.02.08 Spending time marking tracks and racing the dogs, ..tracks, dogs, tracks, dogs... Not every part of this job is pure joy >>

26.02.08 Thank you Ole for making this great new stake-out-system for our Boxer. Seems to work :-)
17.02.08 "SHAM-Draget” SPHK Siberian Husky Championship in Nornäs Sweden was great fun for the dogs, but also a huge challenge!! The track leaded through a very varied landscape with a lot of turns and curves – and was perfectly worked up during the last weeks. But… on the first day of the race, the weather turned it into a very fast track, as well. The 4 dogs class was the biggest with 14 entrants, and after the first heat we had best time with a time interval of more than 2 minutes to number two - and especially very well done considering three stops and six times of passing. The dogs were great, without exception!! :-) The second heat was a bit slower because of thaw, but still – with almost 5 minutes to number two - we finished… GOLD >>

01.02.08 Fine results after first championship: SPHK Gävle-Dala "Svenska Polarhunds-mästerskap” in Särna Sweden - A replacement of ‘Nordic Open’. With a lot of snow, and a newly marked track it was a trying experience for the dogs. After the first heat our team was number four – but with a much better second heat we finished… BRONZE >>

28.01.08 Preparing for the upcoming competitions. Most of the dogs are doing very well in training, but unfortunately we have a few bad paws. Therefore we have decided only to compete with a 4 dogs team for the next two championships, and spare the rest of the dogs so they’ll be fit for the next weeks of training before the World Championship. Well maybe – if we really need to be realistic :-) not to win, but… with the dogs in training now, we should be able to do at least 'best half'…

25.01.08 Just left for Sweden again – 6 weeks of training camp >>

01.01.08 Fox-Tosca puppies, 7 weeks old >>

31.12.07 Christmas-holiday in Särna, "Photo-diary" updated >>

22.12.07 Fox-Tosca puppies, new pix. Merry Christmas!! >>


12.12.07 Weee... We just received Michael's brand new sprint sled from Austria. Thank you Ernst Danler for a great deal/fast delivery. The Hornet XC 2008 looks really nice and solid for a 4-dogs-team >> Looking forward to 'the test' in Sweden in a few days.

11.12.07 Fox-Tosca puppies, new pix >>
07.12.07 Sad news again... Icaro, who has been living in Australia together with his sister Zaya, Andrew and the rest of his pack, died last night. Icaro had advanced kidney cancer, and died after a short period of weakness. Icaro is from Dempsey x Nahani's first litter - he died only 9 years old.

27.11.07 Fox-Tosca puppies, 2 weeks old >>


12.11.07 Fox-Tosca puppies. Still waiting >> NOW updated with puppies!!

04.11.07 Fastest siberian-team in race in Sweden :-) >>

21.10.07 Weekend in Särna, "Photo-diary" updated >>

14.10.07 Training schedule - a typical morning with training >>

08.10.07 Pretty sure Tosca is carrying. Now we just hope for offspring of the same quality as last time (now two years old). Enjoy a short video-clip from training with five of them - plus 4 aunts/uncles - and dad lead >> (6mb!!)

04.10.07 A very sad day... Nahani died from old age.

22.09.07 14 dogs in training for competitions this season - first run >>
17.08.07 Proud to present: Three new members of the pack!! Just picked up Jarviks Tana, Jarviks Takhini (litter sisters to Tosca) and Petruschka's Spectra from Nina & Sven Plesner Petruschka kennels, Sweden.

07.08.07 IMPORTANT!! We had some email-problems through the last couple of weeks. Please mail us again at if you haven't heard from us!
11.05.07 Planed litter November 2007: Jarviks Tosca x Coldfeet Fox - same as our h-litter >>

03.05.07 The whole h-litter from ‘05 (Frost ‘n’ fun HiJack, HitchHiker, Heartbreaker, Heró, Hugin, Handsome Sniper and Holly Hunter) had their eyes examined today, and we are very happy to say..: every one of them are clear of any kind of eye disease :-)
04.01.07 Update ...New dogs and photos added, see Meet our dogs

02.01.07 For sale!! OT-sled and training-cart >> SOLD!!

20.12.06 Spending Christmas/New Year in Sweden. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!! Keep updated at our "Weather & Event" >> (photo-diary, Danish)

17.12.06 New vehicles at our kennel :-) bought an ATV and a 4WD >>
Started training some weeks ago, and our pups are doing GREAT.

26.11.06 WOW... they did it!! Bo Petersen won the MTB-class at this years "Novemberløb" with two of our Fox-Tosca-pups Frost 'n' fun Hugin and Heró. Average speed over the two days was 27,4 kilometres per hour (fastest of all teams/all classes) ...and they are only 15 months old, well done!!

23.04.06 Finally we had the chance to test our new investment... the cabin in Sweden. To be honest we had some worries about how different important things would work during the wintertime - such as: dog yard, heat and water supply, the accessibility by car, and last but definitely not least, the trails. With very low temp for several days - below 20 - we had some problems with our water, but all the rest worked just perfect. Couldn't ask for more :-) Did we mention the trails...? THE BEST!! Could go directly from the cabin to Kiruna if we wanted to!!! (and wow, what luxury it was not to spend as mush as five minutes on a freezing snowmobile to mark up the trail). On this trip we also had the chance to spend time with a lot of our neighbours. Thank you for being so obliging - and especially HUGE THANKS to our friends Gittan & Seth for all the help!! We gave our dogs more than 60 days of snow training this winter...
Shot about 2.500 photos, enjoy a few at this link >>
(Feel free to have a look at our personal photo-diary too >> Danish)

16.04.06 H-litter had their fist time in harness in Sweden >>

23.12.05 Spending Christmas/New Year in our cabin in Sweden. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!
11.12.05 H-litter 15 weeks old spending a lot of time playing with the rest of the pack >>
26-27.11.05 Because of very few kilometres of training this season we only entered the mtb-class at this years “Novemberløb”. Michael and his team had a great 1st heat - only ONE second to #1 - and with several minutes to the rest of the competitors. The 2nd heat was a showdown only between no 1 and no 2, but… only 15 meters after our team started, Michael had a flat tyre and had to break off. Thank you, Anders for lending us your bike… Michael started once again, but had to add 2 minutes term of punishment. Anyway the team had a fine race – and finished # two, very well done!!

25.09.05 Already four weeks old >>

28.08.05 With only half an hour as 'warning', Tosca gave birth to seven healthy pups today. Already speedy as hell... born in only two hours >>
20.08.05 No doubt at all... 10 days to go!! Tosca is having pups!! >>

12.08.05 Spending a lot of time at our place in Särna, Sweden (went to SE for the 8th time this year). This weekend we almost finished the dogyard. Please visit
28.06.05 Hopefully Jarviks Tosca is having her first litter in the end of August this year. Coldfeet Fox is the proud father to be, and we have really high expectations of this litter. Therefore none are for sale :-) Pedigree

21.05.05 At the show of Danish Siberian Husky Club, the world famous sled dog driver, and FCI acknowledged Siberian Husky judge Karsten Grønås approved Jarviks Tosca. 62 dogs entered the show, and about the winner male of them all, Karsten said to the audience: "Good size, well build and great movements, this is definitely my winner-dog!!" A beautiful male, Schusundra's Malik...  the son of our Frost ‘n’ fun Bonzo!!

29.04.05 We are buying... the perfect place in Särna, Sweden, for us and our dogs! Check out this site 
19.03.05 Photoalbum is updated with photos from 5 weeks in Sweden >>

23.02.05 Sad news... today we were told that Frost 'n' fun Eager Guy 'Enzo' died of an acute kidney failure. Enzo was a real fighter, but tonight he gave up. Thank you Enzo for taking so good care of Piralli, we'll never forget you... Loving thoughts to Dennis and Lotte!

20.02.05 FINALLY believe it or not... time for some updates!
A lot has happened since last update. Sorry for being so slow on the news, but my work and the dogs, has taken all my time. I will list most of our 'news' below this section (scroll down for more). More pictures will follow over the next couple of days, so stay tuned.

From now on we will be more up-to-date with our news again... PROMISE!!
'Meet our dogs' has been updated. Our 'new' dogs have been added: Ally, Fox, Rocket, Seri and Tosca. Ally, Fox, Rocket and Seri has already been introduced on these pages. In October we were lucky to have the chance to buy Jarviks Tosca - the sister of Fox and Rockets father Jarvi's Triton. I picked up Tosca 1000 km from home, in Sweden, primo November. She is the sweetest dog and it didn't take her long to enter our pack. 

20.02.05 More than 250 km of snow training this season... 
11-13.02.05 Nordic Open Sprint Race, Åsarna in Sweden. This race is also our Danish Championship 2005 (sledge). In my class the dogs run 3 x 10 km. My team was a nice 4-dogs team, with ten years old Vanja (great skill/experience) and two years old Fox co-lead (hard working/great speed). My third dog was Rocket (hardworking), and then I had to choose between Bonzo and Yukon - father or son - to be no. four dog on my team. They are both experienced and very strong hardworking wheel dogs. Three days before the race I picked out Yukon - only because Bonzo is nine years old, and Yukon only five... The race is going on for 3 days, and each day my team improved. They did the last 10 km in 25 min. I'm very pleased.. fast enough for a SILVER-medal in the Danish Championship >>
4-21.02.05 "Training camp II". Two more weeks of winter holiday. Part one in Åsarna, training and participating with a 4-dogs-team in The Nordic Open/Danish Championship - and part two in Lundsjön north of Östersund, where we have taken care of 31 dogs at the Petruschka kennels, while they are in Nauders, Austria, to enter the European Championship 2005 with an open class team. I must say... this place is Paradise!! (pictures will follow). Everyone should try to run a 10-dogs-team in this white wilderness among moose- and reindeer-herds. It's beyond description. 
15-16.02.05 Danish Championship 2005 (cart). I entered for the first time in the 8-dogs-class. My team was: Viljar (10 years old, lead), Vanja (10 years, lead), Vega (10 years) Tosca (4 years), Yukon (5 years), Bonzo (9 years), Fox (2 years) and Rocket (2 years). For security reasons I picked out a 100kg cart for me and my 8-dogs. The dogs did okay, but of course the cart was much to heavy for a race, so our time wasn't very fast on the 8,5 km. Day no. two I changed cart, and we did the 8,5 km in 20:11 which was quite okay, and gave us a BRONZE-medal in the Danish Championship 2005.
24.12.04-10.01.05 "Trainingcamp I" - we had another great winter holiday with Henrik (Taymyr) in Funäsdalen Sweden (first time without Nicole, who couldn't come because of school. It's too important to skip now).
20-21.11.04 First Danish race of this season, 'Novemberløbet 2004". Perfect race, perfect weather, perfect dogs :-) We won the 4-dogs-class, #1 of 16 teams! My team was Vanja and Fox lead, Bonzo and Yukon wheel. Michael & Ally entered the 'Nordic-class' and finished no. 3.

23-24.10.04 Drama at the first race, Daldorf in Germany... I entered in the 4-dogs-class with Vanja and Fox lead, Bonzo and Yukon wheel. The first day was quite okay. I was only 20 seconds from #1 (of 25 teams in this class). This wasn't impossible to reach, and at the 2nd heat I got a little too courageous and the cart tipped in the first curve in a very high speed. I hit the ground, and was knocked out... The race was stopped, some took care of my dogs (nothing happened to them), ambulance came...  brain concussion. GAME OVER!! Peter finished no. 7 in the 6-dogs-class and Michael & Ally finished no. 3 in the Nordic-class. Well done! >>

11.09.04: We celebrated the the G-litter on their 6 months birthday. This was a great day both for us and the 'pups'.
01.08.04: We had invited the whole G-litter (and family) to come to The Animal Behavioural School where Anette Røpke talked about behavior and communication among wolfes (and dogs). It's so easy to communicate with our dogs when we 'speak the same language'. Anette gave a lot of proven theory and methods - all followed up by practice.

21.08.04 Gabrielle (Jarvik), Nicole and I just landed from a perfect trip to the land of Ice 'n' fire. Exactly 10 years since my first visit I returned to Iceland to do the same track, the Laugavegur trail from Landmannalaugar to Þórsmörk in the Icelandic Highland. Undoubtedly one of the most interesting tracks in the world - a cornucopia of first class nature >>

1.05.04 Today we dedicated a new area for our dogs. We now have four areas where they can run "free", our inner courtyard, our garden, the area around the pens and now this new big playground in the former horse pen. We are especially looking forward to this during the winter, because our cars can drive into the playground, which will ease up on the loading of the dogs when we are going training >>

08.05.04 Went to The Danish Siberian Husky Club's jubilee show with Rocket & Fox. Despite their 13 months, they both need to mature.. we already knew that, but: "Rocket will be a champ one day", the English judge said. Thank you judge Sally Leich, and thank you Heidi Søeborg Jørgensen for showing Fox >>

02.05.04 Nicole and I just came back from an other great 3-days-hike in Sweden. This time with Rocket & Fox >>
25.04.04 Chili-pups: New photo 6½ weeks
23.04.04 Chili-pups: see 6 weeks photos

20.04.04 We had some mail-problems in March. Please re-send if you still haven't heard from us!! (Our spam filter was too efficient)
13.04.04 One of Chili's sweet little girls is for sale. The pups are now 4½ weeks old

03.04.04 Went to Särna, Sweden, 900km from here,  to pick up two 1 year old boys from Kennel Coldfeet. We have been interested in these dogs since they were born, but they were not for sale. This winter A. Braun W. from Germany, visited Seth/Gittan, to test 'our' litter, and some other dogs, for long-distance-race. Two of the dogs from this litter work so hard, that they won't be able to run long-distance, which is 50km or more, but they run a nice and fast 20km. We are very happy to welcome Rocket & Fox to our kennel. See photo from their first training tour in DK >>  or from my trip to Särna SE >>
01.04.04 Chili-pups: see 3 weeks photos and litter information.
11.03.04 They are here... SEVEN black-white pups one boy and six girls

06.03.04 Taymyr's Peek-a-boo and Frost 'n' fun Extra Hot had a date in the middle of January. Chili is very big now, and my personal guess is... five or six black-white first class pups next week.
Finally... our photo album is updated with photos from our winter holiday in Sweden 2003-2004 >>

22.02.04 We arranged and participated in the Danish Siberian Husky Club's 30 years jubilee race in Tisvilde. The race was a 3-days-race, where the first heat was a night heat Friday evening. The weather was perfect, a silent, clear and frosty night only lit-up by millions of shining stars - what an experience to race in the dark!! We had 12 dogs in the competition, two 4-dogs-team, two dogs in the MTB-class and two in 8-dogs-class. Our best team finished #2 in the big 4-dogs-class. It was close race in the 4-dogs-class, see results >> 
This team is also #2 in the year competition now, the dshk cup in this class - one race to go...
27.01.04 Also works now.
24.01.04 Went to Jutland at five o'clock this morning to drive the 300 kms to Graasten. We brought nine dogs, two teams for the 4-dogs-class, one in reserve. But… at the 10-o'clock-briefing we were told that the trail was way to dangerous for a race; cancelled!

19.01.04 A few more photos will follow from this years preschool for the aspirants to the 'SIRIUS' Patrol Greenland.

17.01.04 At 8 o'clock this morning somebody knocked on our front door: "your house is on fire!!" - Had to call 112 (911). Fortunately the fire brigade came within 4 minutes, and put out the fire before it extended!! One hour too late, we went training our dogs this Saturday morning >>
12.01.04 Just came back from another great winter holiday in Funäsdalen - more than 1000 kms from home in northerly direction. We didn't have as much snow as usual, but enough - and perfect trail most of the days!! On our way home, our car was forced off the road. We tipped and the boxes with our 14 dogs had moved c. 1m forward inside the car. The dogs had to be rescued from the back-door and we had to wait for help to get the car back to the upright position and back on the road. Our sled is broken, the car have a few scratches, but nothing else - after two hours we were able to continue (photos will follow). With us back from Sweden, we had Seri from Seth and Birgitta kennel Cold Feet, Särna. Seth is training for long distance competitions and during this season Seri showed some problems with the longer distances. Seth and Birgitta offered us to try Seri out in our sprint-team. Until now we are very satisfied. Still need to try her in competition - after that we'll make up our minds. Seri's position is lead photo More photos >>
22.12.03 Sad news… sweet old Etienne died today, 14 years old.
After the first races our 4-dogs-team is no. 1 in the DSHK Cup 2003/2004
07.12.03 Racing in the Northern Jutland, Rold was a mixed pleasure.. some turn-signs were missing in the first heat, and my team, Viljar, Vanja, Bonzo, Yukon, had to run some extra kilometers. First heat was cancelled for both the four- and six-dogs-class. Especially Viljar was clearly tired after the extra run Saturday, anyway we finished no 3. Great dogs!

23.11.03 Our team: Viljar, Vanja, Bonzo, Yukon, entered the first official race this season in The Danish Siberian Husky Club. All the dogs did great, we finished no 2 only 10 seconds from no. 1.
Sunday we broke the speed-record for this trail. newspaper - video (5 sec) pix/results >>

02.11.03 Sad news. Chili's brother Frost 'n' fun Enjoy Black Magic - 'our' sweet little teddy bear, died yesterday, only 2 years old. 'Enjoy' had a strong tendency to wander - living in the city that can be extra dangerous, therefore the veterinarian recommended having him neutered (in which I agree). Enjoy had his annually vaccine the week before the operation... two harmless operations, but a fatal mixture!! Enjoy was sick after general anaesthesia. He was poisoned with medical drugs. He needed a detoxification, but the vets continued giving him strong medical drugs... This was at the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural High School of Denmark. I truly hope that all the vets/students involved have learned from this tragedy (we have!!). Loving thoughts to Tina and Hillary!
26.10.03 Daldorf was wet, but great. The Danish Team was strong this year, and for the first time in many years we won the international match in Germany!! My 6 dogs-team (Viljar, Vanja, Vega, Freja, Bonzo, Yukon) did a perfect job running with an average of 26 kilometers per hour! See photos/results on this Danish web-site >> 
18.10.03 We started dog-training a few weeks ago, but today was the first run with our new "monster-cart". With wheels from a car it weights 120-130kg. A very safe way to bring eight dogs. Unfortunately our dog-situation is not the best right now. Dempsey suffers from back pains, and both Nahani and Chili just lost a nail, which means at least 1-2 months off training. Anyway we are going to the first race next week - in Germany; One MTB-class-entry and a six-dogs-class-entry. 
10.10.03 Invited by the Danish Polar Center we were part of the annual culture night event in Copenhagen. Thousands of people came to pet our dogs, see the carts/sledges and see the dogs in harness on a show-run along the charming warehouses at the waterfront near Nyhavn/Holmen. We brought along eight of our dogs, and hooked up our six-dogs-team three times. They all showed good manners - actually perfect :-) and even little Ally just seemed to enjoy every moment of attention from strangers. On our last trip we had a guest: the cameraman from Danish television! Saturday evening 7-o'clock-news (RealOne/video)
20.09.03 Showtime!! Ally entered her first show, exactly three months old, and the Norwegian judge Eivind Mjærum loved her (can't blame him), Best Puppy!! We almost didn't bring Chili. She seemed to be very sad and tired the day before, absolutely not in 'show-mood'. But... It was Chili's third show, for the third time she qualified, and she got it, CAC. Two to go. Great day!!
16.08.03 Today we picked up our NEW family member. Welcome to dear little Ally, also known as Taymyrs Virtual Reality. Ally's dad is "Junior" from Alyasta kennels Canada, and her mom is "Stufee" from Carillo kennels, Norway. Thank you, Heidi and Henrik, for letting us have Ally!!
01.07.03 Frost 'n' fun Disney (litter-sister to Duke) had her beautiful blue eyes checked. We are happy to be able to proclaim her: clear of eye diseases!!

11.05.03 Louise, Lotte and Bonzo just came back from a great 3-days-hike in Sweden. See photos >>
04.05.03 We went to the International dog-show of The Danish Kennel Club. This was Chili's first international show and she got a fine 1st prize (ck). Judge: Frank Christiansen, Norway.
28.04.03 Dempsey is looking forward to summer-pups!! (DKCH Schusundras Dempsey x Frost 'n' fun Earth-Wind-Fire "Freja" (Chili's sister). The puppies (if any!? - still don't know for sure!!) will be born at Bo Petersen/Susan Hansen, kennel 'Ulvedalen'.
27.04.03 Think maybe time has come for us to draw up the "balance sheet", and thank our dogs for another great winter!! Thank you for letting us harness and hook up 200 times since Sept 28th 2002. We have been racing in Denmark, Germany and Sweden - in rain, storm, sun, frost and snow... Temperatures of: minus 30 to plus 12 degrees Celsius. The average temperature for our 200 teams was +1 degree Celsius. Our dogs ran 4.500km in total - an average on 400km per dog. We had eleven dogs in training - some of them in minimum training, which is less than 300km. These were some of the figures & facts from this winters "dogs-diary". If we are lucky we hook up a few more times, but each time might be the last for this season - spring is in the air!!
16.03.03 Louise entered a team-competition this Sunday in Hvalsoe. Her and teammate Rasmus finished no. two!! (Louises team: Viljar, Yukon, Vega, Vanja) >>
14.03.03 Just got the x-ray-results from the Danish kennel Club: 3 x A (=Excellent) for the three Nahani-kids: Freja, Enzo and Chili. Freja (Frost 'n' fun Earth-Wind-Fire) also had her eyes tested last Monday, result=clear.

06.03.03 Chili (and litter-sister Freja, and -brother Enzo) had their hips examined today. Now we just have to wait for the official x-ray-results from the Danish Kennel Club.

02.03.03 Peter went racing in Blaabjerg this weekend. His team was: Viljar, Vanja, Vega and Yukon. The trail was bad for the dogs, but they did a great job. >>

16.02.03 Best time 1st heat, best time 2nd heat... 13 km - a 1st place in Tisvilde!! For once the weather was perfect for dogracing, dry and a few degrees minus. The winning team was: Bonzo, Yukon, Vanja and Viljar. This was our lucky-weekend :-)) Peter finished 4th, same class, with Chili, Vega, Duke and Chewbacca. And of course congratulations to Bo and the two 'Bonzo-kids' for winning the mountain-bike-class!! >>
10.01.03 Last week I got a call from a friend. "I have room for you, and 2 dog-boxes, so if you want to go to Sweden for the Nordic Open 2003...". Didn't take me long to find my boots, my sledge and go pick 4 dogs. They had to be able to live together in the boxes, so it couldn't be the fastest boys, but what the h... it was great fun anyway :-)) And most important... I finished my first official 3 days sleddograce. 30km, 4 happy dogs out - 4 happy dogs in. >>

26.01.03 Very bad weather, +8 and 87%, but anyway a great weekend in Graasten. I was in 6-dogs-class at the Danish Championship "KM Vogn", and finished as no TWO with this team: Bonzo, Duke, Yukon, Vega, Vanja and Viljar. 6 happy dogs out - 6 happy dogs in. >>
15.01.03 Just came back from a an other great holiday in Sweden. Again this year we had some very cold days with minus 34 degrees. 01.01.03 we went to Åsarna to pick up Viljar from Gabrielle and Lars, kennel Jarvik.

30.11.02 Went to the Christmas-specialty in Koege with Happy and Dempsey in champion- and seniorclass - and Chili in female-class. This was Chili's first show and she was so perfect in the showring (1st. prize). Dempsey won the senior-class, Happy best female. Happy is now Senior of the Year 2002!!!
24.11.02 Louise entered her first official race in this years "November-race". Team: Vega, Vanja (lead), Yukon and Nahani. After first heat she was 2nd. Finished 4th. Well done!! >>


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