Frost 'n' fun siberians DK

Lotte Frost Peter Frost Nicole Lou Frost Michael Frost Hansen
1964 1962 1987 1983
Teamleader, IT Product man.Telecom Financial ass. Electrician
Ex-, now co-owner of the kennel. Doing the paperwork.. making feeding- breeding- and training-/race-schedules and web-updates. Also spending a lot of time training our dogs. Competing in cani-cross and sprint-races with our 6-8 dogs team. Training the the non-competition dogs. Master 'herdsman' of the kennel. And last but not least... handler, supporter and main sponsor.  Daughter. Engaged to Michael. Fantastic with dogs - huge interest and understanding for the pack and the language of the dogs. Have been racing the dogs some years ago. Is now first class team-crew, handler and supporter. Owner of the kennel. Since 2002 living at the kennel. Engaged to Nicole. Training our dogs and competing in cani-cross, MTB-class and sprint-races with our 4 dogs team, 'the fantastic four'. 2007-08 was the 1st snow-race-season!! Michael is a natural with the dogs... just have a look at the results :-) more >> more >> more >> more >>
We started with siberians in 1989. A few years later we started both showing and racing. We have been working for the Danish Siberian Husky Club for many years, but during the last years our first priority has been spending as much time as possible with our dogs. Almost 15 years should pass until we found 'our siberians'. We really believe in the bloodlines of our current racing dogs. They are hardworking and focused, very easy to handle, healthy, eating & drinking. They are happy and social... dogs with a great mentality!!



Kennel Frost 'n' fun  Lotte Frost & Michael Frost Hansen, DK-4652 Haarlev

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