Frost 'n' fun siberians DK


At the moment we have 18 purebred (FCI) siberians at our kennel (in Haarlev and Karise DK).
In 1989 we had our first Siberian Husky Ago. He was a beautiful Siberian, primary from the Alaskan of Anadyr kennel. At that time we also had two other dogs, but not siberians. It didn't take us long to buy #2 siberian, Etienne, and the next... (that happens!!). A few years later we started both showing and racing. When you have so many dogs, you also have to say goodbye at some point. They are all still in our hearts of them with a very special place, son of Etienne, from our very first litter: Bonzo. Other dogs we miss: Viljar Vanja Vega Amber Luffe Dempsey Yukon Nahani Happy Seri Chili Tana Takhini Sniper

2007-2012 Kennel Frost 'n' fun Lotte Frost & Michael Frost Hansen, DK-4652 Haarlev

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